UBC Sauder commemorates partnership with global network of top business schools

Posted 2017-05-05

UBC Sauder’s Dean Robert Helsley recently spoke at the Yale-led Global Network of Advancement Management’s (Global Network) five-year anniversary symposium, which brought together 29 member schools from around the world to explore critical issues impacting business education.

According to Helsley, the retrenchment from global responsibilities that is becoming increasingly more apparent around the world is concerning. “Educational institutions have a duty to lead the way in articulating the value of global responsibilities, and Global Network may be uniquely positioned to do that,” he said to symposium attendees. “In some ways, business schools have an even larger responsibility, not just because of wealth concentration at business schools, but because we’re generating the leaders of the future.”

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The symposium, hosted at the Yale School of Management and held in recognition of the five-year anniversary of Global Network, offered a series of panel discussions that focused on issues at the heart of the network’s global mission. Topics ranged from how business schools should respond to limitations on graduate mobility to a recent Global Network survey of women in the global workforce about obstacles facing women in business.

Global Network is an unparalleled network of top global business schools with a mission to offer members unprecedented access to study and collaborate with peer organizations from around the globe. Graduate school members hail from Lagos to London, Singapore to São Paulo, and Bangalore to Beijing – and in 2014, UBC Sauder became Global Network’s only Canadian member.

Each year, MBA students at UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School travel to Global Network partner universities for Global Network Weeks – week-long, immersive courses that cater to each school’s unique strengths. As part of the network, UBC Sauder has hosted students from around the world, and last year Professor James Tansey taught a course focused on innovation in the clean technology sector.

Global Network also allows students and alumni at Global Network member schools to gain exclusive assess to Yale’s Master of Advanced Management, a nine-month post-graduate program that brings MBA graduates together from across five continents to study the dynamics of global business at the highest level.