Art of Giving: UBC Sauder launches new course on Philanthropy

Posted 2018-09-28

As philanthropy becomes a prominent aspect of the mainstream and becomes more sophisticated in response to the changing landscape, there is a strong need to train the next generation of business leaders.

The UBC Sauder School of Business is already working in this direction with the launch of a new course on philanthropy.

"Philanthropy in Review" is a 300-level 3-credit course organized in collaboration with The Spark Global Philanthropic Foundation (SPARK), a Vancouver-based organization established to teach strategic philanthropic practices that empower youth to understand and navigate charity. The course will begin in January 2019 and run for 13 weeks.

The course will leverage the expertise of a dynamic team of lecturers and professors. Dr. James Tansey, Executive Director, Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing, will bring his scholarly and practical experiences to the classroom as one of the lecturers.

Teaching duties will extend beyond UBC Sauder faculty members, as students will have the opportunity to gain real-world insights on the subject from Abdul Ladha, a prominent philanthropist and the Founder of SPARK.

Christie Stephenson, Executive Director of the Peter P. Dhillon Centre for Business Ethics assisted in designing the course curriculum.

"Philanthropy in Review is designed to offer students an unparalleled learning experience," explained Dr. James Tansey. “They can expect to get a solid grounding in the issues and opportunities within the field of philanthropy and hear first-hand from a world class philanthropist. The course puts emerging entrepreneurs and scholars on the front-seat of a sector that is now more important than ever and evolving.”

Amongst other topics, the course will delve into the theoretical framework of philanthropy; draw distinctions between philanthropy, charity, and impact investing; and explore wealth management and donations of High Net Worth Individuals.

UBC Sauder is an ideal setting for this course with its focus on responsible leadership. The new course is poised to leverage these strengths and groom a generation of business leaders who will pioneer inclusive business values in society and inspire a philanthropic spirit.

Students interested in enrolling into this new course, COMM 386V – Philanthropy in Review, can register in the normal fashion through the UBC Student Service Centre.