Sauder MBA hockey team wins Harvard Business School's McArthur Cup in Boston


VANCOUVER, BC – The Sauder School of Business MBA hockey team has won the 2007 McArthur Cup (Division B), hosted by the Harvard Business School in Boston.

The tournament, which took place from April 6 to 8, included university MBA ice hockey teams from Yale, Tuck (Dartmouth), Harvard, Queen's and Babson.

It is named after John H. McArthur, Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration Dean from 1980 through 1995, and a Bachelor of Commerce degree holder from the University of British Columbia. McArthur, from Vancouver, is a renowned supporter of the game, and in 1996 was selected as Honorary Coach of the hockey team at Harvard College and as a member of the Varsity Club.

"It was an honour to be invited to this tournament, and a thrill to win the top prize," said Steve Champion, President of the Sauder MBA Society at the University of British Columbia. "The Sauder UBC victory is a testament to Canada's passion for hockey at all levels, and underscores the excellence across the board at the Sauder School of Business."

The victory for Sauder also coincides with the accelerating hockey focus at the University of British Columbia, which will play host to men's and women's ice hockey at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Construction of the university's Olympics venue, the UBC Winter Sports Centre, will be completed by summer 2008.