Sauder event gathers academics working to change the way we drive


The second annual Connected Vehicle Workshop, on May 17, will focus on how wireless technologies, such as using crowdsourcing for smart street parking, can improve driving in Canada.

The full-day event, held at and co-sponsored by Sauder, is part of a large-scale research program aimed at revolutionizing Canada’s vehicles and roads by incorporating wireless networks and applications.

The collaborative research project, called Developing Next Generation Intelligent Vehicular Networks and Applications, launched two years ago when the network in which Sauder Associate Professor Garland Chow is a member was awarded a $5-million grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and an additional $3-million from industry partners.

The goal — to design wireless networks and applications for Canada’s vehicles and roads that support high-speed communications among vehicles and between vehicles and ground-based infrastructure.

Chow is chairing a session on ITS [Intelligent Transportation Systems] application and deployment and his two UBC colleagues, Professor Victor Leung, TELUS Mobility Research Chair in Advanced Telecommunications Engineering, and Professor Panos Nasiopoulos, director of the Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems, will also chair and present sessions.