Ronald Paul Hill 2010 Pollay Prize Winner


Listen to Dr. Hill’s lecture from April 30th here

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Dr. Ronald Paul Hill, Senior Associate Dean of Intellectual Strategy at the Villanova School of Business, Pennsylvania, was selected as this year's winner of the Pollay Prize. The prize is awarded for Intellectual Excellence in the Study of Marketing in the Public Interest by the Sauder School of Business.

The prize is named for Professor Emeritus Rick Pollay of the Sauder School, in recognition of his many and varied contributions as a scholar, teacher and advocate in the area of Marketing, Advertising and the Public Interest.

Dr. Hill’s paper is titled “Challenging Our Views of Consumption: Do We All Live in a Material World?”. A lecture based on his paper was held on April 30th.

The study of consumer behaviour has historically been concerned with the percentage of the world’s population who have the discretionary income to decide among a multitude of luxury items. Marketing experts have focused on how such consumers sift through the clutter of advertising, make spending decisions, and even how they can be convinced to focus on desire over need. Unfortunately, only about half of the world’s population have these concerns; the remaining half spend much of their day on simpler decisions, like where to find water. This fundamental truth can only alter our view of long-standing models of consumption. When modern research has as its primary focus the ‘Wealthy West’, it becomes limited in scope and its discoveries simply cannot be applied across the world’s population.

Previous winners of this prize are Professor Marvin Goldberg of Pennsylvania State University (2006), Professor Alan Andreasen of Georgetown University (2007), Professor Lauren Block of Baruch (2008) and Professor Connie Pechmann of University of California (2009).

About Dr. Ronald Paul Hill

Dr. Ron Hill is globally recognized for his unique and engaging style of presentation on issues that include the triple bottom line of corporate social responsibility (financial, social, and environmental), dynamic leadership opportunities for 21st century executives, management challenges of the coming generations, and mentoring women for personal and professional success. He has been named one of the most prolific and influential authors in the field of marketing, having penned over 125 articles, review papers, and books. He was selected by the United Nations to speak on behalf of disadvantaged consumers at universities and corporations around the world.

Dr. Ronald Hill is the author of Pearls along the Path: Lessons for Living a Life with Passion and Surviving in a Material World: The Lived Experience of People in Poverty. He is the Richard J. and Barbara Naclerio Chair holder at the Villanova School of Business in Pennsylvania, a former founding dean of the College of Business at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg and Bank of America Professor of Corporate Social Responsibility; and founding dean of the Pamplin School of Business Administration at the University of Portland, and the Rev. John B. Delaunay, C.S.C Professor of Social Responsibility. Additional faculty appointments include Cornell University, George Washington University and American University.