Leading market researchers – including Sauder's Charles Weinberg – honoured as inaugural INFORMS Marketing Society Fellows


HANOVER, MD – Leading market researchers in the U.S. and Canada have been honored by the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science (ISMS), which today announced the inaugural 10 recipients of its new Fellow Award.

Sauder professor Charles Weinberg was one of the recipients. Weinberg is the SMEV Presidents Professor in Marketing at UBC. He has taught at UBC since 1979 and has been awarded both research and teaching prizes by UBC. His research interests include analytical techniques and mathematical models in marketing, marketing in public and nonprofit organizations, and marketing strategy.

The INFORMS Society for Marketing Science(ISMS) [] is a special interest group of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS®). The ISMS Fellow Award recognizes cumulative long-term contribution to the society’s mission – fostering the development of knowledge, research, science, and technologies that improve the understanding and practice of marketing. ISMS Fellows will provide leadership and support for the ISMS community.

The 2008 ISMS Fellows Awards recipients are:

  • The late Frank Bass, Professor of Marketing Science in the School of Management at the University of Texas at Dallas until his death in December 2006. During his 53 years as a professor, he published more than 100 papers and supervised 60 Ph.D. students. He made important contributions to econometrics, stochastic brand choice, and new-product diffusion modeling.
  • John Hauser, the Kirin Professor of Marketing and Head of the Management Science Area at M.I.T.'s Sloan School. He has co-authored Design and Marketing of New Products and Essentials of New Product Management, was an editor of Marketing Science, a departmental editor at Management Science, an Associate Editor at Journal of Marketing Research, and an ISMSofficer.
  • Gary Lilien, Distinguished Research Professor at Penn State and co-founder and Research Director of the Institute for the Study of Business Markets. He is the author or co-author of twelve books (including Marketing Models and Marketing Engineering), as well as over 100 professional articles. He is Vice President External Relations for ISMS.
  • John D.C. Little, Institute Professor at MIT and Professor of Management Science in the MIT Sloan School. Since the 1960s he has been publishing papers on marketing topics. In optimization he co-authored a paper that coined the ter