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Yann Cornil wins 2023 AMA Award for Responsible Research in Marketing

Yann Cornil
Posted 2023-03-24

The American Marketing Association (AMA) has announced that Dr. Yann Cornil, Associate Professor in UBC Sauder’s Marketing and Behavioral Science Division, has won a 2023 AMA-EBSCO-RRBM Award for Responsible Research in Marketing.

The prestigious award, which honours outstanding research that produces both credible and useful knowledge that can be applied to benefit society, was offered to Dr. Cornil’s research paper on how weight loss changes people’s responsiveness to food marketing. The paper, titled Obesity and Responsiveness to Food Marketing Before and After Bariatric Surgery, was co-authored by Hilke Plassmann, Judith Aron-Wisnewsky, Christine Poitou-Bernet, Karine Clément, Michèle Chabert, and Pierre Chandon, and appeared in the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Dr. Cornil expressed appreciation for the recognition, and discussed the importance of the research from a societal benefit standpoint: “This paper is a collaboration between marketing researchers and medical researchers specialized in obesity,” said Dr. Cornil. “Our critical finding is that people with obesity tend to be more influenced by food marketing, but they become less responsive to marketing after significant weight loss. This has important implications for our understanding of the relationship between marketing and obesity.”

Dr. Cornil was also a finalist for this same award for another of his research papers, co-authored with Pierre Chandon, titled More value from less food? Effects of epicurean labeling on moderate eating in the United States and in France, which appeared in the journal Appetite.

The fourth annual AMA-EBSCO-RRBM Awards for Responsible Research in Marketing were selected by a diverse team of scholars, with input from dozens of subject matter expert reviewers out of a pool of over 40 nominations. Nominated works needed to be published between 2018–2022 and exemplify the Seven Principles of Responsible Research that support the general notion of “better marketing for a better world.”

Funded via support from the AMA and EBSCO, the award is co-sponsored by the Sheth Foundation and presented in cooperation with Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM). Both Distinguished Winners and Winners receive grant money to continue their efforts in the field.

For a full list of 2023 winners and finalists, see the announcement on the AMA’s website here.