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UBC Sauder professor recognized as leader in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Professor Daniel Skarlicki says leaders are created not born
Posted 2017-02-26

UBC Sauder Professor Daniel Skarlicki has been named as a Fellow in the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field. The society is the foremost organization for those researching, practicing, and teaching with the goal of improving organizational efficiency and workplace conditions.

“Daniel is an international thought leader in organizational behaviour and leadership development, and has made numerous significant contributions to research in the area,” says UBC Sauder’s Dean Robert Helsley. “Not only does he conduct exemplary research, he excels at bringing his insights into the classroom. Being named a fellow by his international peers and colleagues is a great honour for both Daniel and the school.”

Skarlicki teaches leadership development and strategic negotiation in the MBA program offered by UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School. He also works with senior business leaders in UBC Sauder Executive Education, where he teaches a six-day intensive course called Meeting the Leadership Challenge – a program geared to help executives discover their personal leadership strengths and values, and how to leverage them for organizational success.

Skarlicki regularly publishes studies in the world’s top journals and has most recently focused his research on organizational justice and employee perceptions of fairness in the workplace. He explores topics such as sabotage by disgruntled employees, retaliation in the workplace and how the perception of fairness differs across cultures.

He says he chose to study organizational fairness because it’s a core concept people can understand and relate to. “Concerns about fairness run deep for an organization’s stakeholders, including employees, managers, customers, patients, and third party observers,” explains Skarlicki.

“I’m honoured and humbled to be recognized by my peers for this research. My goal is to determine and promote a better understanding of workplace fairness, so organizations can ultimately provide a more sustainable and positive work environment.”

Industrial and organizational psychologists conduct and apply research to improve the well-being and performance of organizations. Their work covers a wide variety of topics from workforce planning, employee selection and leader development to the study of workplace attitudes and motivation and methods for facilitating organizational change and sustainability.