Insights at UBC Sauder

Meet UBC Sauder’s New Faculty - Xin Zheng

Posted 2017-10-06

At UBC Sauder, faculty members are more than just ‘professors.’ They conduct impactful research that is changing how society views the world while also inspiring students to pursue their academic passions and become the thoughtful, values-driven leaders the business world needs.

This year, UBC Sauder welcomed 14 new full-time lecturers, tenured and tenure-track faculty to the school. In the third of this series, we introduce you to Accounting and Information Systems Assistant Professor Xin Zheng.

What brought you to UBC Sauder?

I decided to join UBC Sauder because of its world-class research environment and collegial culture.

What are your areas of research and how did you get into this field?

My research lies in the intersection of accounting and law, which is a relatively new research area. Most of the inspiration for my research comes from my previous work experience in the legal and banking industries.

What inspires you to teach?

I had many great teachers in my life who inspired and taught me to pursue my passion with a sharp mind. I would like to spread my teachers’ legacy and equip my students with the proper tools for success.

What do you believe is the future of your industry?

I believe the future aligns with the fundamentals of academics, which are intellect and creativity.

What are you most looking forward to in your new home of Vancouver?

I’m most looking forward to exploring the beautiful nature around the city.