Forbes ranking puts Sauder School of Business among world's best


The sixth biennual ranking of business schools by Forbes has placed the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia in its top ten, in the global (non U.S), 2-year category.

The Forbes ranking is based on the return of investment achieved by the graduates from the class of 2004. The U.S-based publication surveyed 17,000 alumni at over 100 business schools, and compared their earnings in their first five years out of business school to their opportunity cost.

According to Kurt Badenhausen of Forbes, despite a more challening job picture for MBA graduates during the global recession, "going to a top business school has continued to be a solid investment." And, he says, "the top non-U.S. business schools offer even better returns."

According to Badenhausen, in the future Forbes plans to publish its Best Business Schools Report annually, rather than every two years.

Forbes: The Top Non-U.S. Two-Year Business Schools

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Derek Moscato
Manager, Public and Media Relations
Sauder School of Business at UBC