Dhillon Centre |“Business For Social Good” Grant Winners Announced

Award Winners
Posted 2021-10-26

The Dhillon Centre for Business Ethics at UBC Sauder is pleased to announce the following 2021 “Business For Social Good” Grant Winners:

First Place ($4,000): Congratulations to PhD student Jiawei Li and advisor Dr. Sima Sajjadiani for “The More the Better? Diversity Training Effectiveness after Wide-Reaching EDI Events.”

Second Place ($3,000): Congratulations to PhD student Lucy De Souza and advisor Dr. Toni Schmader for “What forms of male allyship are effective at fostering inclusive cultures for women in STEM workplaces?”

Third Place ($2,000): Congratulations to PhD student Valentina Rutigliano and advisor Dr. Jan Bena for “The entrepreneurship gap.”

Honourable Mention ($500): Congratulations to PhD student Matthew Billet and advisor Dr. Ara Norenzayan for How Moral Beliefs Help and Hinder the Management of Common Pool Natural Resources;” PhD student Rui Zhong and advisor Dr. Sandra Robinson for “Fixed or Malleable? A Mindset-Based Intervention to Improve Supervisors’ Response to Low Performers;” PhD student Wade Wade and advisors Dr. Joey Hoegg Dr. Darren Dahl for “Encouraging Product Reuse: The Role of Functional Fixedness;” and PhD student Hsuan-Che (Brad) Huang and advisor Dr. Daniel Skarlicki for “When Forgiveness Leads to Moral Outrage: Third-Party Impressions of Forgiveness in the Workplace.”

The Dhillon Centre’s Business for Social Good Grant supports innovative, early stage graduate student research that examines how business can be a force for social good. The first and third place awards are partially funded by the UBC-Sauder EDI Catalyst funding grant.