Ch’nook partners with former Prime Minister Paul Martin

Paul Martin_Rick Colbourne

Sauder’s Ch’nook Cousins Program and the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative, led by former Prime Minister Paul Martin, are partnering with Britannia Secondary School in Vancouver to deliver the Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Program.

When the former Prime Minister was on the UBC campus to collect an honorary degree, Ch’nook’s Director, Rick Colbourne, Sauder’s Assistant Dean of Indigenous Business Education, met with Martin to discuss the Ch’nook Cousins Program, to share understandings on current issues and challenges for Aboriginal education and to explore further opportunities for partnership.

Ch’nook is working with the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative, to encourage Aboriginal students to finish high school, and consider studying business in college or university as an important step in building a career and giving back to their communities. Aboriginal high school students are introduced to basic business concepts and develop entrepreneurship skills with the aid of Ch’nook scholars and Aboriginal business owners who act as mentors in the shared program.

“We are supporting the Martin Initiative in their efforts at Britannia while, at the same time, sharing Ch’nook’s unique experience and perspectives with the students,” says Colbourne about Ch’nook’s work at the school.

“We are hopeful that our shared goals with the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative will lead to further opportunities to collaborate in improving the lives of Canada’s Aboriginal youth.”