Career success | BCom student helps Nestlé Canada improve its supply chain process


The successful execution of a Nestlé Canada supply chain improvement project required an individual who could go beyond traditional supply chain management and extend the scope of Nestlé’s customer involvement. 

The company hired Angelica Victoria, a Sauder Business Co-op student specializing in marketing, with courses in transportation and logistics, to take on the project in a 4-month work term. 

As a marketing student, Angelica may not have seemed like the obvious candidate for the role; however, her broad understanding of the connectivity between transportation, logistics, sales, marketing, and customer care, provided by the Sauder BCom program, gave her the necessary skills that were vital to the project’s execution.

Gaining first-hand experience

Nestlé Canada is committed to enhancing the Customer-Facing Supply Chain with its key retail customers. In 2010, Nestlé Canada implemented a pilot project focused on expanding its tactical interaction with the entire supply chain process, which included planning, forecasting, and replenishment. The focus of this project was on two of Nestlé Canada’s key retail customers. The objectives were:

  1. To maximize efficiency and profitability for both Nestlé and its retail customers;
  2. To eliminate waste throughout the Supply Chain; and
  3. To ensure that the right Nestlé product was in the right place at the right time and in the right amount when needed by the consumer.

Angelica was tasked with aiding the customers’ replenishment strategies, focusing on service delivery, and inventory management. As a member of the pilot team, she was “very involved in the processes … and got first-hand experience in transportation logistics.” She was accountable for liaising with many facets of the Nestlé supply chain and commercial functions as well as assisting in maximizing service to the customer. 

Angelica jumped head first into her role and took on challenging projects relating to internal improvement and external replenishment. Angelica helped plan stock rates, executed product delivery, and analyzed the impact of planned promotions: building a great relationship with the customers’ Replenishment teams.

Co-op success leads to permanent position

As her work term progressed, Angelica proved extremely capable and was given greater responsibility, including attending important client meetings. At the end of the work term, the project was evaluated as a resounding success, and Angelica’s teamwork and dedication contributed to this outcome. 

With a customer-oriented supply chain process, Nestlé was able to increase the flow of goods and availability to the customer and as a result to the shopper and consumer. Angelica’s effort and professionalism left a positive impression, with feedback from the clients to praise her high level of service.

Due to the success of the project, Nestlé Canada extended the scope and range of this initiative. Upon graduation, Angelica made the personal and professional decision to accept a permanent position with Nestlé Canada as Customer Replenishment Analyst and relocate to Toronto. James English and the Customer Collaboration team at Nestlé welcomed Angelica on-board. James commented: “Angelica has made a great start to her career with us and with her ongoing hard work and commitment, can continue to make a difference at Nestlé and with the customer.”

Company Profile

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Nestlé S.A. is the world’s largest food and beverage company and among the world’s 40 largest corporations. It produces and markets over 6,000 food and beverage brands. Nestlé Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nestlé S.A. with over 3,600 people employed in 21 manufacturing, sales, and distribution sites across the country. The company is dedicated to producing high quality, innovative and nutritious food for all Canadians to enjoy.

Angelica has made a great start to her career with us and with her ongoing hard work and commitment, can continue to make a difference at Nestlé.