BCC unveils new career portal for Sauder alumni

BCC unveils career portal

Starting October 3, Sauder’s alumni community of approximately 35,000 will have a new online career tool at their fingertips. The Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre is launching a web portal for the school’s grads dedicated to enhancing their career success –

Offering another opportunity for the school and its graduates to connect, the portal aims to assist alumni in the strategic development of their working life, says Assistant Dean Denise Baker, who leads the Business Career Centre.

The new portal will provide alumni with assistance in dealing with such career challenges as how to position yourself for your next role or how to deal with issues of gender in the working world. Personal coaching will also be available.

Every week, the site will feature a new piece of career-related content, says Kristine Thody, Manager, Alumni Careers at Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre. It will also be a one-stop-shop for alumni to access Sauder’s global alumni directory, alumni career services and Factiva, a business information and research tool.

“Many of our alumni do so much to help out with our work with students, such as acting as mentors or coming to Sauder to speak,” says Denise Baker. “This is the career centre’s way of saying thank you and helping them with their careers.”