Meet the Founders

Meet our incredible community members who have signed the Founders’ Pledge

Rian Gauvreau

Co-Founder + Board Member, Clio


Ray Kruck

Founder + CEO, Tugboat Logic

Pledge fulfilled in 2022

Kaylee Astle

Founder + CEO, Blanka
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Shizu Okusa

Founder + CEO, Apothekary
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Jennifer Vancini

General Partner, Mighty Capital
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Braden Parker

Co-Founder + CEO, Casca
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Marina Tran-vu

Founder + CEO, EQUO
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Billy Lan

   Co-Founder + CTO, JobGet
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Neil Thomson

    Founder + CEO, Laid Back Snacks
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Crystal Hung

    CEO + Founder, Icon Marketing Inc.

Pledge fulfilled in 2022

Brianna Blaney

    Founder + CEO, Pocketed
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Sammy Xu

    CEO, CMP Construction


Harman Sahota

    Founder + Director, Westcore Logistics


Michela Toscano

    Founder + Principal, IONICA


Kris Hartvigsen

Founder + CEO, Dooly


Ross Mitchell

Founder + President, Dunbar Real Estate Investment Management

Pledge fulfilled in 2022

Darcy Hughes

Director, Hughes International Pursuits

Jas Dhaliwal Photo.jpeg

Jas Dhaliwal

Managing Director, Lark Street Capital


Shaun Ghavami

President, Iconic Retreats

Fernando Liu

Fernando Liu

Co-Founder, SCEC