UBC Diploma in Accounting Program

Pre-Program activities


Held in late April/ early May, late August, and late December/ early January before the term begins, the UBC DAP Orientation Session is geared to provide students the information they need to be successful in the program.

  • Discover how to make the most of your learning experience by taking advantage of the student and career services available
  • Learn about academic policies that can affect your progress
  • Gain insight into the student experience: common concerns and managing workload
  • Connect with fellow students, instructors, and staff

DAP Prep Course

The demanding nature of the UBC DAP curriculum requires students to have a working knowledge of business quantitative methods including arithmetic and basic algebra; ratios, proportions and percentages; linear systems, graphing linear equations, basic Microsoft Excel, and academic integrity. The self-paced DAP Prep Course, is offered online at no cost prior to the commencement of classes in January, May and September each year and is designed to provide incoming students with a comprehensive review of these foundational skills necessary to be successful in the program. All incoming students will be given access to the course approximately 2 months prior to their program start date. For students who have a strong proficiency in quantitative topics, it should take no longer than 2 hours to complete. Students requiring the full review of the quantitative and Excel topics will need approximately 15-20 hours to complete, with mandatory completion of the course by the start of your first term.

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