Safety Tips



  If you are inside a building:
1.   Resist the urge to run. Do not leave the building, as danger from falling debris is greater.
2.   Do not use the elevators.
3. Move away from glass windows and partitions and potential falling objects.
4. Take cover: drop under a desk or table or brace yourself with your back against an inside wall.
5. Hold onto furniture.
6. If in a wheelchair, lock wheels and duck as low as possible. Use anything to protect your head and neck.
7.  Wait for shaking to stop; count to 60 to allow debris to finish falling.
8. Evacuate the building if there is major structural damage or fire hazard.
9. Prepare for aftershocks.
  If you are outside:
1. Move away from buildings, trees and power lines.
2. Do not enter buildings
  If you are driving:
1. Pull over. Leave the road clear for emergency vehicles and stay in your vehicle.
2. Do not stop on or under a bridge or over pass, or under power lines.