Safety Tips

Bomb threats


1.   Remain calm, listen carefully to what the caller is saying and write it down. Keep the caller talking and obtain the following information:
  a)  Where is the bomb?
  b) When will it explode?
  c) What does it look like?
  d) What kind of bomb is it?
  e) What will cause it to explode?
  f) Did you place the bomb? Why?
  g) Where are you calling from?
2.   Record the details such as the time of call, whether caller was male or female, any distinctive voice characteristics (accent, manner, speech, whether voice was familiar), whether there were background noises or reference to local issues.
3.   When the caller hangs up:
  a) Call the RCMP: 911.
  b) Call Campus Security: 2-2222.
  c) Be prepared to give your name, phone number, and exact location with details of the threat.
  d) Do not hang up until you are released by the authority talking to you.
  e) Inform your Supervisor.
  f) Stay where you are and ask your Department Head to meet with Policy and Security when they arrive.
  g) If you are in a multi-department building try to have the other Department Heads or a delegate join you to meet with Police and Security.
  h) Do not spread word of the threat, as this should be handled by the authorities.
4.   The Security Manager, in consultation with the RCMP and Building/Department Head(s), will have the order to evacuate the building if necessary.