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Floor wardens

Floor wardens play a crucial role in the safety of the school.  They are the leaders who guide people to safety in case of an emergency.

Function of a Floor Warden:

1.  Attend a short (90 min) training.

2.  In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation of the building, supervise the orderly evacuation of your floor or area:

     a.  Direct people to the exits, and away from the building to a safe assembly area.

     b.  Shut doors and windows as you are exiting the building.

3.  Assist the Emergency Director outside the building:

     a.  Give status report on the evacuation, including information on any handicapped persons who may need assistance.

     b.  Assist with securing the building until the Fire Department has given permission to re-enter.


Emergency Director Linda Tommasini
Deputy Emergency Director Bryan Keizer
Henry Angus Building
Deputy Emergency Director Jennifer Orme
David Lam Building
Sally Bei
Helen Ho Rita Quill
Michael Berdan
Sua Hong            Quinnie Sin           
Paula Chang
Bryan Keizer            Elizabeth Stevenson           
Elaine Cho
Mursal Khyabani          Christina Sylka           
Helen D'Souza
Marianne Kinley           Nancy Tang           
Kimberly Fama
Harry Kwan           Linda Tommasini           
Alastair Ferries
Maeve Lalor          Jamie Tooze           
Connie Flook Jessie Lam Irena Trebic 
Janet Gannon
Alan Law            Altan Uludag         
Ann Gilray Nova Leaf Jhanelle Williams 
Elena Giorgetti
Wally Mitchell            Chunhua Wu         
Jessica Hanna
Olga Nepogodina           Vivian Wu
Debra Harris  Jennifer Orme Naoki Yamane
Erica Hill
Rob Peregoodoff           Florence Yen