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Meeting room bookings

The following room booking policies and procedures are for meeting rooms available in the Henry Angus and David Lam buildings at the UBC Sauder School of Business. The purpose of these policies and procedures is to set expectations, ensure fairness and optimize limited room resources. These policies and procedures will continue to be reviewed to ensure it meets the needs of the UBC Sauder community.

Faculty and staff room bookings

Faculty and staff can book most meeting rooms online using their Microsoft Outlook calendar. For a list of UBC Sauder rooms and booking permissions, please click on the Complete Inventory of UBC Sauder Bookable Meeting Rooms above. For instructions on how to book meeting rooms online, please follow the steps in the PDF guides:

Please remember:

  • If you need to schedule recurring meetings, please book a maximum of three months ahead wherever possible to avoid overlap and duplicate schedules
  • For seasonal or repeating sessions, verify the room is booked for the next session. In some cases, the same room may not be guaranteed
  • Some meeting rooms have been designated for students only. We appreciate your support in making these rooms available to UBC Sauder students

Student room bookings

Student may book student-designated rooms online at

When booking a room, please remember:

  • Graduate breakout rooms are swipe-card accessible. Please ensure you have your UBC iclass card with you to enter the room. Meeting and breakout rooms are not intended for individual study.  Bookings can only be made for two or more people
  • In the event a room is already booked for the Bruce Birmingham Centre rooms, but required by an instructor or faculty member, teaching or faculty-related bookings will take precedence
  • The Big 4 Conference Centre may be utilized for business activities/meetings when sponsored by a faculty member and/or program office.  Please advise and provide the necessary information to make the booking
  • When booking a room, consider other activities or events that may be happening at the same time that may disturb your meeting

Room rules

The following meeting room rules are required for your safety and to ensure rooms can be enjoyed by all users:

  • Room bookings cannot exceed the seating capacity of the room due to fire regulations
  • Academic activities have first priority for booking rooms
  • Existing audio-visual equipment cannot be moved from the room. If equipment is faulty, damaged or missing, please advise the Canaccord Learning Commons Service Desk
  • Meeting rooms cannot be booked by external organizations without contacting UBC Sauder Concierge.  Concierge can be reached at or 604-822-8555.
  • Rooms left untidy may be subject to a cleaning fee. This fee will be charged to the organizer and future bookings may be refused or restricted
  • If you need to cancel or change the room booking, please do so online at
  • Rooms are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. To ensure room availability, book important meetings in advance so that room booking requests can be met

Common courtesy

Thank you in advance for keeping the room tidy and returning furniture back to its original position. Below is a checklist to ensure you leave the room ready for the next group:

  • Clear table surface and room of any rubbish, waste paper and unwanted food or drink
  • Return furniture to the standard room layout
  • Remove personal items from the meeting room. UBC Sauder is not responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings
  • Report any missing, faulty, or damaged items to the Canaccord Learning Commons Service Desk
  • Alert reception about any mess or spills that require special cleaning

If you find the room in an unsatisfactory condition, please contact the Canaccord Learning Commons Service Desk at immediately so they can follow up with the previous group that occupied the room.


If catering is required, the meeting organizer can contact UBC Sauder Concierge at or +1 604.822.8555.


For faculty & staff: please contact the UBC IT Help Desk for equipment booking.

For current students: computer, audio/visual, and other academic equipment is available to borrow from the Canaccord Learning Commons (

For up-to-date hours of the Canaccord Learning Commons Service Desk, see