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Resource guide for faculty

New to UBC?

What you need to start:
Campus Wide Login (CWL) account required to use UBC online facilities, such as, your pay and benefits information and access to the Learning Management System for your courses. 

Obtain your Employee ID from Janet Gannon in the Dean's Office and then apply online for your CWL.

Course ListingsBB Vista Learning Management System
BB Vista is used for Sauder courses.  It consists of many tools to enhance your teaching and your students' learning.

David Lam Management Research Library
The David Lam Management Research Library conducts orientation sessions for new faculty. Please contact Jan Wallace, Head, for further information on these sessions.

Teaching and Learning at SauderUBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Getting things done / administration

Accounts Office

The Sauder School of Business provides a centralized accounting service for the Faculty. The services we provide include accounts payable, accounts receivable, student payroll and hourly payroll, deposits, purchasing, record keeping and data entry in the University's Financial Management Information System (FMIS). Records are maintained for all funds and are available for each responsible account holder to view. 

American Express
UBC has an agreement with American Express Canada Inc., which allows continuing faculty to receive an American Express Corporate Card for charging travel and other University expenditures. Cardholders are responsible for claiming for their travel expenses from UBC and paying American Express directly.  Download application form.

Benefit Packages for New Employees
UBC is pleased to offer online enrollment for payroll and applicable pension and benefits to all new employees.  The applicable enrolment packages are based on the individual faculty member’s rank and eligibility for various benefits. Tenured/tenure track appointments (FEP001) are applicable to most categories of faculty.  

You are responsible for taking care of your compensation package for which you are eligible. All relevant application forms are available on the website. The self-service "Quick Start Orientation" will direct you to personalized links, such as your employee group, benefits, and general campus information.

Library Cards 
To obtain a UBC card, please present your appointment notice/offer letter at the UBC Bookstore. Your UBC card permits access to all UBC facilities, including the libraries and will serve as your UBC identification. 

The UBC Bookstore has the largest selection of general books in Canada with over 100,000 titles including both academic and general interest books. General book titles and current sessional course book listings are available for electronic browsing through the Bookstore website. Books not currently in stock but still in print can be obtained through Special Orders. 

The UBC Bookstore supplies all textbooks for courses offered through the University. To ensure that materials are available to students for the beginning of classes, the Bookstore requires Textbook Request Forms by:

  • Fall Term 1: May 1
  • Summer Term: March 1
  • Winter Term 2: October 1
  • Summer Term 2: April 1

Textbook Request Forms are available from the Bookstore in PDF form or from your Divisional Assistant.   

Course Handouts/Copyright Permission
Course Notes (photocopied materials) are also sold through the Bookstore but require Copyright Permission is required for all photocopying of copyrighted (or intellectual) property before it can be used.  For additional information, please contact the Copyright Coordinator.  If photocopied materials are required for your course, please contact your Divisional Assistant for instructions.  In most cases, photocopying expenses are passed on to your students.  

Campus Wide Login (CWL) Account
You will need to set up a CWL account in order to use the online facilities at UBC. You will need a CWL account to post course material into the WebCT/Vista Learning Management System (LMS) In order to do this, you need to obtain your Employee ID from Janet Gannon in the Dean’s Office. 

Divisional Assistants

Faculty Association

The UBC Faculty Association is committed to promoting the interests of UBC Faculty, addressing all levels of government on university affairs and upholding principles of academic freedom and freedom from discrimination and harassment. The Association's concerns include collective bargaining on salaries and economic benefits, representation of members in grievances and arbitration, professional ethics, university governance and professional development.

Faculty Orientation 
Information and guidance to faculty on all matters relating to faculty appointments, including ‘Orientation for New Faculty’, can be found by visiting the Faculty Relations section of the Human Resources website.

  • The Sauder School of Business hosts an Orientation Session each year.
  • The University also hosts a university-wide oreintation day as well as a research oreintation day.  Please ask Janet Gannon for details.
  • The VP Research Office offers extensive information and a research orientation, as well a other resources, such as grant-writing workshops and rountable discussions with the VP Research, through UBC's Research Support Network.