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Xerox (XGS) Fleet Management

The Sauder School of Business has engaged in a project with Xerox Global Services (XGS) to understand and manage the real costs of our printing, copying and faxing needs. Besides lower pricing, the advantages to the school include:

  • A substantial reduction of our environmental footprint by reducing carbon emissions, solid waste, paper usage, and power consumption
  • The affordability of enhanced functionality and faster printing capabilities
  • Cost tracking information and on going saving analysis
  • Flexibility in moving equipment around to fit changing needs
  • Centralized help desk and maintenance request hotline - with the status of a global account
  • Service Level Agreement for break/fix with maximum response time
  • Removal of obsolete equipment at no cost
  • Centralized billing and supply ordering


Our partnership with Xerox will help us all work smarter and enjoy a host of new benefits such as:

  • An increase in both the print quality and spectrum/variety of documents available to faculty, staff and students
  • A broader document portfolio including: course packages, posters, calendars, etc.
  • Increased document binding and finishing options including:
    • Binding (tape, cerlox, sprial, etc.)
    • Folding (C-fold, Z-fold, etc.)
    • Labeling
    • Lamination
    • Packaging
    • Padding
    • Stapling
    • Hole punching
  • Access to professional colour quality
  • A wealth of experience in the form of graphic designers, specialized operators and site management

To access these services, please continue to go through the Duplication Services Centre to submit/process requests as they are the direct point of contact with Xerox's printing facility located at Wesbrook.


With your help we have finished rolling out the new hardware, software, people and management processes. Thanks to your input and assistance, we acheived a remarkably smooth transition. By removing printers and upgrading our technology, we have already been able to acheive the following together:

1. Printers: 55 removed to date
2. Energy: 41% reduction (BTU/annum)
3. Greenhouse gas emissions: 44% reduction
4. Solid waste: 60% reduction (lb's/annum)
5. Airborne emissions: 40-50% reduction
6. Waterborne emissions: 47%


If you have any questions regarding the Sauder-XGS Project, please contact the Project Manager, Linda Tommasini at +1 604.822.6338. For printing/copying requests, please contact the Duplication Services Centre at +1 604.822.8497 or