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In these challenging times, you may find yourself pulled in many different directions: guiding your team, delivering for your boss, making difficult decisions, developing new ways of working, driving strategy and building your career while keeping the show on the road. But as you support your team and organization through turmoil, where are you getting support for yourself? 

These one-on-one coaching sessions will pair you with an experienced professional coach to guide and support you as you navigate the rocky road ahead. In a confidential setting with your coach, you will have a safe place to think and test out new ideas. A sounding board for getting the clarity needed to make decisions and prioritize actions. A springboard for feeling empowered rather than overwhelmed, as you reenergize yourself and reinvigorate your job. 

Your coaches will not tell you what to do. But they will listen, ask the right questions, advise and help you find your own answers—answers that are right for you and your organization. 


The learning journey

Leadership development is a journey, not a destination. Your coach will provide you with ongoing support and structure so you have consistent championing, questioning and advice as your leadership—and the challenges you face—evolve. 

It is important that you and your coach feel you can work together, so the program opens with a “getting to know you” session. We recommend a subsequent three-way conversation between you, your boss and your coach to ensure alignment on your development needs. It will then be up to you and your coach to schedule 5 one-hour sessions of private, one-on-one coaching time to work through your selected issues and develop an action plan for moving forward. 

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