Online Programs

Online learning for continued engagement

We’ve remodeled our program offerings to bring you online options that will keep you engaged and inspired no matter where you may happen to be. Immerse yourself in a learning environment that allows you to participate in thought-provoking discussions with our award-winning faculty and leading industry instructors. Connect and collaborate with your peers. Build communities of practice by accessing the best UBC Sauder Executive Education has to offer.

Benefits of learning online

Many participants have been pleasantly surprised by their virtual program experience. But don’t just take our word for it! Read what they are saying about the benefits of learning online:


“I would say the experience of doing the program online was likely at most missing 5% of the richness of in-person, but with an enormous time saving and comfort level. It also makes the program accessible to those who previously couldn't attend due to travel costs. Please do more like this!”

Variety and flexibility.

"The way the program translated to online learning was surprisingly good. I liked the ability to work solo, and then come together for short periods of time to discuss and ask questions. It was also great to have some extra time to pause, make notes, go back to something, get a cup of tea and deal with family.” 

Social connection. 

“I was able to push myself to the next level simply by learning from other professional high achievers. I hope to stay connected to people in my group so that we can continue the dialogue and support.”

Expert guidance and facilitation. 

“There was a great balance of instruction, support and constructive criticism. We were given real tools to work with, and the live coaching sessions with the program leader were especially helpful.”


“Online learning at Sauder is a highly supportive and interactive experience designed to help us ask questions and learn from each other. The small group activities were particularly helpful, giving us opportunities to practice and integrate the skills we learned.”


"The online platform, content and material were engaging and well thought out with a good flow. I felt it was even easier to go a little deeper online. I learned a lot and am walking away with tools, deeper reflections and supportive contacts." 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To suit your learning needs, we are offering Online programs in two formats:

    • Facilitated Virtual (Online Real-Time)
      The Facilitated Online programs take place over a specific number of days (from 1-day offerings all the way up to 4-week-long offerings). Each one has a specific start and end date, and is centered around live, in-person sessions (via Zoom) where you will interact with the instructor and your learning cohort. Each live session is between 60 to 180 minutes long, with ample breaks provided throughout the day. This means that a one-day course would typically include two live sessions in the morning and two live sessions in the afternoon.
    • Self-directed Online On-demand

      The Self-directed On-demand programs are available for you to take at your own pace. There are no specific start/end dates. Each program contains between 4 to 6 hours of learning time. Once you have registered and been given access to your course, you will have up to one month to complete the program.

  • Generally speaking, synchronous means “in real-time.” These are the “live” sessions in our facilitated online offerings. In contrast, anything that is asynchronous is not in real time, and so you can access those resources whenever you wish.

  • Each of the Live Facilitated programs has a dedicated site on our learning hub where you will be able to access resources and connect with your learning peers outside of the live sessions. Once you have registered for the program, you’ll be able to access the learning hub prior to the program start date so that you can preview any materials and begin developing your learning community. Most of our programs ask you to complete a self-assessment questionnaire prior to the course start date, so that the instructor can further customize their approach to assist you.

    For our on-demand courses, the content is offered in a variety of formats –including instructional videos, ebooks, added-value resources, interactive knowledge checks—designed to guide you along your own learning journey.  You can access this material as many times as you choose throughout the program.

  • In addition to the individual feedback that our instructors provide for each participant, our programs are also highly interactive and many of the activities involve small group and team participation. The number of participants in each program is set to ensure that we achieve both of these objectives.