UBC Executive Education

Coaching Program for Leadership Performance

Develop a personalized action plan to improve your leadership mindset and capabilities

Delivered online on-demand

As the business environment rapidly evolves, are you confident that you have the essential competencies you need to lead effectively?

This online one-on-one coaching program will help you explore your leadership style and advance your abilities as an effective leader. Become more reflective in your leadership choices. Discover your sources of power and use them to influence others. Accelerate your leadership goals, and make a high-impact contribution to your team, organization or industry.

Program format

Together with a professional leadership coach, you will create a personalized learning plan that balances thought and strategy with clear direction and action. You will then establish an online meeting schedule of five sessions (typically one hour every 10 – 15 days), in which you will assess your leadership strengths, identify goals, set action plans, discuss ongoing business issues, and measure progress. In between sessions, you will engage in assignments to help you put what you are learning into real-life practice. 

Image of woman with a headset talking