The power in numbers

Are you looking for a path to up skill and engage your workforce? Take advantage of our special group enrolment offers for organizations and individuals.

Group enrolment

Develop your people together. Sending groups of your employees together to the same program with colleagues can profoundly impact individual and organizational achievement.

Team leaders and HR professionals know that time spent learning together improves performance and increases engagement amongst team members.

  • Save 25% when you send groups of 3 or more to any program

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The rule of three

Come together and save together. Come as three or more; learn with others, network and collaborate in a structured format to discover new opportunities. The possibilities are endless.

Now is the right time to upskill and build the capabilities needed to meet today's challenges.

  • Save 25% when you, and 2 colleagues or friends, attend any program. 

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Wait there's more

Work with our team to learn more about how we can create custom programs for groups of 15+, based on what you need.