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Orange Shirt Day

Orange Shirt Day

In recognition of National Day of Truth & Reconciliation and Orange Shirt Day, we are pleased to have Deborah Johnson from the Orange Shirt Society share her story with us.

UBC Sauder HR is pleased to present this event which is open to UBC students, faculty and staff.

Deborah Johnson is from Alkali Lake First Nations. She attended the St. Joseph Mission near the city of Williams Lake for five years. She is the fourth generation in her family to attend residential school. Her son is the first generation to not attend residential school.

She is sharing her story in order to help others understand what happened to so many people in Canadian residential schools and to create opportunities for reconciliation with courage and wisdom. Deborah has been speaking for more than ten years, and during that time, many people have shared what an impact her story has had on them and how it has helped them better understand what many Indigenous people have faced. It is with courage and honour that she shares her story with our community. Deborah also expresses courage and hope that she will be able to overcome and live a life of wisdom, courage, residency, despite the many hurts experienced.

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