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Behavioural Insights into Business for Social Good Conference

Access MBA - Western

This conference aims to create a cross-disciplinary dialogue about how insights from behavioral science research and business can be harnessed in a synergistic fashion to facilitate the greater social good.

We define the social good as actions that benefit society and the individuals that live within in. This can include actions on behalf of businesses that give back in terms of fostering social responsibility, social impact, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability. In addition, this also can include enhancing the positive behaviors of individuals within society (consumers, employees, community members) in ways that have a collective net positive impact, such as fostering health behaviors, prosocial behaviors, and sustainable behaviors. Here are some examples of the types of research talks we are interested in:

  • Perceptions and outcomes of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Encouraging Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Cause related marketing, philanthropy, promoting diversity, promoting prosocial actions, and ethical (unethical) business practices
  • Unique models of business that have social impact
  • Encouraging positive behaviors such as prosocial behaviors (e.g., donating money and volunteering), sustainable behaviors, citizenship behaviors, etc.

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