UBC Master of Business Analytics Internship (MBAN) Program

UBC Master of Business Analytics Internship Program

During the 12-month program, students learn analytical competencies relevant to strategy, finance, operations, supply chain, marketing, HR and more.

Students cover the full range of advanced analytics work:

  • Descriptive analytics: understand and visualize what has happened
  • Diagnostic & predictive analytics: identify drivers and forecast outcomes
  • Prescriptive analytics: find optimal solutions to complex problems

Students are also adept at:

  • Working in teams to develop robust decision support tools
  • Communicating technical results and recommendations to management audiences (e.g. storytelling through data)


MBAN Internship areas include:

  • Business intelligence
  • Simulation modeling
  • Text analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Process (re)design
  • Customer portfolio analytics
  • Marketing analytics
  • New product development
  • Optimization modeling


  • Aritzia
  • Metro Vancouver
  • TeejLab
  • Loblaws
  • Providence Health Care
  • Vancouver International Airport

Centre for Operations Excellence (COE) Industry Project

Want to take a deeper dive into your analytics challenge but don’t have the bandwidth to manage MBAN interns?

UBC Sauder’s internationally recognized Centre for Operations Excellence is open to consulting-style engagements involving teams of students that align with faculty research interests (operations, supply-chain management, health care, marketing, human resources, predictive and prescriptive analytics).

Duration: Project dependent
Cost: Consulting fee is project dependent
Work location: COE Office on UBC campus; students can attend meetings at company

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