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Why Choose a UBC MBA grad

What makes our students so valuable is their entrepreneurial mindset and ability to bring the latest business thinking, having focused on five key business themes: Creativity, Decision Making, Global Issues and Macro-Economics, Ethics and Sustainability, and Leadership Development. Through a global immersion project, internships and case studies, they possess the collaborative management techniques to help push projects forward, and innovate and transform your organization.

Selected for their diverse perspectives and backgrounds, UBC MBA candidates are poised to impact organizations in today’s competitive international business environment. These experienced candidates gain a holistic understanding of business and learn to make strategic decisions to maximize success.

To achieve business excellence and continued growth you need exceptional people onboard your organization. Our UBC Master of Business Administration (MBA) students are available and ready to help solve your business challenges

Meet some our MBA grads


Amer Abu-Khajil

Amer Abu-Khajil

Puts projects and people into motion.

Undergrad: Bachelor of Applied Science, Civil Engineering

An experienced engineer and project manager, Amer has facilitated 200+ hours of leadership seminars.

An experienced engineer and project manager, Amer is happiest when juggling multiple tasks.

Before his MBA, he facilitated 200+ hours of leadership seminars on topics that range from conflict management to global intelligence. Amer used his strong data collection, analysis and interpretation skills to develop a robust business plan and financial operations model. The UBC MBA program has helped him weave his engineering and project management expertise into the realm of business innovation, by providing multiple opportunities to network and connect with business professionals.

Amer’s career ambition is to play an active role in the local innovation ecosystem within a technology company, venture capital firm, incubator, accelerator, or startup.

Fun fact: Amer subscribes to 80+ podcasts on everything from economics to true crime.


Kookai Chaimahawong

Kookai Chaimahawong

Making an impact by reducing impact.

Undergrad: Bachelor of Arts, Marketing Communications

A sustainability consultant for the United Nations, Kookai plans to work in social financing and impact investing.

Widely recognized as a social innovator, Kookai is experienced in using impact evaluation to help organizations capture untapped growth opportunities.

Prior to her MBA, Kookai became a partnership consultant for the United Nations Development Program (a position she still holds), an investment analyst in Vancouver, and the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Development in Bangkok.

During her UBC MBA, she has gained the financial and analytical know-how to complement her marketing and social impact expertise. Now, she wants to make social impact more relevant to people’s everyday lives.

Fun fact: Living in six countries across four continents has given Kookai a unique perspective on global business.


Nanette Anzola

Nanette Anzola

Brand-builder. Team-builder.

Undergrad: Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and Mass Communications

A skilled marketer with six years of experience with global brands, Nanette knows how to juggle. Literally and figuratively.

Nanette can juggle. Literally and figuratively. An experienced marketer with six years of experience in brand strategy, consumer research and advertising, she is as skilled at building brands as she is at building teams.

Prior to pursuing her MBA, she led the creation of a global brand book, established a consumer research process and developed strategies to better collaborate between departments.

During her UBC MBA, she flexed her entrepreneurial muscles in a project that’s transforming wine-making. Now, she’s keen to work in industries that impact people’s everyday lives; whether that be in food and beverage, retail or health.

Fun fact: A naturally competitive person, Nanette can play almost every sport there is.


Tosin Onabiyi

Tosin Onabiyi

Geophysicist. Data mining specialist.

Undergrad: Bachelor of Science, Geophysics

An expert in data-driven decision making, Tosin’s experience in the natural resources industry runs deep.

Prior to his MBA, he analyzed and synthesized crude flow and fuel oil data to highlight areas of opportunities and risks, and led a marketing campaign that generated solid leads.

During his UBC MBA, Tosin expanded his technical skills and broadened his knowledge of economic forces, business solutions and financial markets.

Now, he plans to use his extensive understanding of data analytics, geoscience and finance to help financial institutions, asset management firms or natural resource companies make smarter decisions.

Fun fact: A geophysicist with a mind for business, Tosin has managed a gas storage asset valued at $2 billion.


  • Deloitte
  • Labatt
  • P&G
  • SAP
  • General Electric
  • Nestle
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Telus

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