Whether you’re a large organization, non-profit or startup entrepreneur, here are some of the many ways you can connect with UBC Sauder students, increase your organization’s visibility on campus and find talent. In-person and virtual options are available.

Mentorship Programs

Enrich the educational experience of our students by sharing your knowledge and industry expertise through one of our many mentoship programs.

Student clubs

Build awareness of your upcoming recruitment activities and connect with targeted groups of candidates. Undergraduate student clubs at and MBA clubs at

Company Information Sessions

Showcase your company’s culture, vision and job opportunities to current students. Host a session on campus, off campus or virtually.

Networking events

We host a number of networking events throughout the year. Attend to get a sneak peek at emerging talent or establish connections with potential hires.

Case Competitions

Prepare a real-life business challenge for students to work on and get a first-hand view of their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Sponsorship recognition opportunities available.

Live Cases in the Classroom

Gain a fresh perspective by having students work in class on a real-life business case challenge related to your organization.

Informational Interviews

Connect with UBC Sauder students 1:1 to help them explore their career path, or have a conversation with a student interested in your industry or company.

Mock Interviewers

Get to know our students and help set the up for success by taking part in student mock interviews.

Partner with a student club

UBC Sauder students participate in clubs and societies related to a diverse range of career interests. By participating, you can connect with a targeted group of candidates. Every club has a variety of ways to connect.


  • Business Technology Network (BizTech)
  • Enactus UBC
  • Entrepreneurship Projects (eProjects)
  • UBC Finance Association (UBCFA)
  • Human Resources Management Club (HRMC)
  • Marketing Association (UBCMA)
  • UBC BizChina
  • Strategy Consulting Initiative (SCI)


  • UBC Accounting Club (UBCAC)
  • UBC Real Estate Club
  • Social Enterprise Club (SEC)
  • Supply Chain Management Club (SCMC)
  • UBC Trading Group (UBCTG)
  • Young Women in Business (YWiB UBC)
  • Sauder Management Consulting Club (SMCC)
  • 180 Degrees Consulting (180DC)


  • UBC Real Estate Club
  • Product & Service
  • Management Club
  • MBA Finance Club
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Net Impact

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