Our Partners

Humans Needs Project (HNP)

HNP strives to create economic growth for slums around the world through self-sustaining Town Centres. HNP provides basic services such as clean water, sanitation, and energy, as well as empowerment services such as business fundamentals, wifi access, health kiosk and a marketplace. They currently have a pilot program in Nairobi Kenya and hope to expand internationally. Since its opening, over 226,000 people have visited the centre with close to 500,000 products and services enjoyed.  

2021 fall cohort of UBC Sauder LIFT at the Kibera Town Centre

Many of UBC Sauder LIFT’s workshops are held at Built KTC, a HNP Town Centre

Watch the following video of UBC Sauder at the Kibera Town Centre

Video thumbnail for Watch the following video of UBC Sauder at the Kibera Town Centre
A LIFT workshop held at the Kibera Town Centre

One Girl Can (OGC)

One Girl Can is a Canadian and Kenyan organization that aims to break the cycle of poverty and works towards gender equality through education and mentorship. OGC empowers girls from the end of their primary school education to the start of a meaningful career. The organization has built 130 schools, given over 1000 scholarships, and mentors more than 10,000 girls annually. 

Read more about UBC Sauder and One Girl Can’s partnership to empower and provide life changing opportunities to women in Kenya here.

The GracedLife Leadership Centre 

TGLC is a non-profit Christian organization that aims to combat youth unemployment, fight social vices, and create leaders. Through their four different programs, TGLC not only cultivates strong leaders but provides opportunities for members to put their skills to use. Their vision is to create a network of principled, change-driven servant leaders pioneering Africa’s development and transformation. TGLC is also a partner for LIFT’s Ghana partnership, as our team looks to expand our impact.