Meet Our Team

Our Teams

Curriculum Development Team:

In the asynchronous portions of the learning cycle, the team plans and creates online learning videos. Subsequently, they create online assessments to support student learning and identify key areas of exploration for business topics.

"The UBC Sauder LIFT curriculum is carefully crafted to provide student entrepreneurs with the skills to confidently tackle problems in all facets of business. Through in-depth videos, complemented by illustrative assessments, the curriculum covers a variety of topics for our students to apply directly in their entrepreneurial pursuits."
- Cole Christiansen | Curriculum Development Team 2021 


Mentorship Team:

Provide 1-on-1 support and guidance to participants in the program in the months/weeks leading up to Pitch Day. Offer an opportunity for participants to ask questions, and connect on an individual level. Challenge and empower entrepreneurs through live interaction and foster an ongoing relationship long after the program is complete. 

“I honestly believe this is a tremendous experience for both the mentee and mentor. For the mentor, I see it as a valuable way to understand how businesses run in different parts of the world, what cultural nuances and norms exist, and how to best empower and work with different people. For the mentee, it is an opportunity to apply learned material and have someone else help talk through questions and concerns as well as raise items they may have otherwise missed.”
- Talise Tsai | Mentorship Team 2019 


Teaching Team:

In the synchronous portions of the learning cycle, teachers provide live instruction to recap asynchronous learning videos. They engage participants in live breakout activities to apply concepts to real-life situations, and mirror that learning for the participant’s business ideas/existing businesses.

“Through the teaching team, you are given the opportunity to not only teach live but to speak to business owners as well. You are able to apply the subject taught to those overseas in real time. Participants can ask questions directly relating to their business and you are able to help apply the strategies or frameworks best to their unique business. The impact made is real, tangible, and instant. The teaching team truly encapsulates the work UBC Sauder LIFT does.”
- Jessalyn Chen | Teaching Team 2021-Present 


Glimpse of being a UBC Sauder LIFT student

Watch this video on the Business Model Canvas produced here at the Sauder-Studio

Business Model Canvas

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