Call for participation: UBC Sauder EDI Focus Groups

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee at UBC Sauder has been reaching out to stakeholders, gathering feedback, learning, and listening to your stories and suggestions around EDI issues at UBC Sauder. As part of our ongoing efforts to listen and learn from our community, we invite you for an opportunity to join us at some upcoming UBC Sauder EDI Focus Groups.

This is an initiative furthers the commitment of the school to promote a culture and environment of inclusivity, diversity, equity, and justice. To support this important work, Bakau Consulting will be facilitating these sessions and will then provide a report with recommendations to the EDI committee. Bakau Consulting is a local full- service equity, inclusion and anti-racism consulting company based in Vancouver, Canada, with a global intersectional approach.

We seek diverse voices, along with feedback and insights on lived experiences so we can dream up creative solutions and a way forward together. In these sessions, we will explore what's currently working/not working and any actionable ideas for moving forward in the EDI space. Each of the focus group sessions will take two hours over Zoom and will likely be held in mid-August (August 17th and 18th are the tentative dates).

If you wish to express your interest in taking part in a focus group session, please complete the form linked below (the deadline to express interest is August 6, 2021). If you are selected to join us at one the focus group sessions*, all of your responses will remain confidential and insights will only be summarized in aggregate form with no identifying information attached to any one individual’s responses. In appreciation for your time, you will receive a $50.00 gift card to a vendor of your choice through

We want to hear all points of view and a diverse range of lived experiences, so please join us even if you don’t feel well versed in the EDI landscape. To express your interest in participating in an upcoming focus group, please complete the form linked below (the deadline to express interest is August 6, 2021).

If you are selected for the focus group, you will be notified via email prior to the focus group date.

*We appreciate all interested members of the UBC Sauder community who would like to participate in these focus groups. While it is not possible to enroll everyone, we will strive to ensure focus group composition is balanced, diverse and reflective of our communities. We will take care to encourage and prioritize participation from members of historically excluded and marginalized groups. If you are not selected for these focus groups, don’t worry, there will be other ways to participate in the future. Please stay tuned, and you can also provide feedback on our feedback portal.

More from the UBC Sauder EDI committee

In the fall, we will be releasing elements of the work we have been doing to date including our EDI Strategic Framework, our Annual Report, our external UBC Sauder webpage, and our page on the UBC Sauder employee HUB. Please keep an eye out for these!