About the UBC Sauder EDI committee

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee supports UBC Sauder’s commitment to a collaborative and respectful environment (as outlined in our strategic plan) and UBC’s strategic priorities around Indigeneity and EDI (as outlined in the Indigenous Strategic Plan, Inclusion Action Plan, and Focus on People 2025).

The Committee will work to enhance equity, diversity, and inclusion at UBC Sauder by actively promoting and supporting a collaborative and respectful environment for our faculty, staff and students through embedding equity, diversity, and inclusion in the systems and structures of the School.

The committee's responsibilities are to:

  • Communicate and coordinate with UBC Sauder students on EDI initiatives and issues.
  • Identify best practices that support a diverse and inclusive community of faculty, staff and students. Areas of practice include recruitment, retention, learning, research, and engagement.
  • Respond to requests from the Dean’s Office to address priority issues related to EDI.
  • Monitor and advise on UBC Sauder’s alignment to UBC-wide EDI goals and action plans, particularly those emanating from UBC’s Equity & Inclusion Office.
  • Produce an annual report on the School’s effectiveness and progress in achieving a diverse and inclusive community including the use of relevant key performance indicators and benchmarking.

EDI initiatives intersect with all of the School’s strategic priorities, therefore, the committee works with the support of and under the guidance of the Dean’s Office.