Métis Nation British Columbia Business Management Program

How to Apply

Application to the 2022/2023 MNBC Business Management Program is now CLOSED.

The deadline to apply was 11:59 pm, PST October 23, 2022

Check back in September 2023 for program details. 

Application requirements

To be eligible for the Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) Business Management Program, you must submit all of the following required documentation in addition to filling out the application. Failure to provide any of the following will result in your application not being considered. The Ch’nook office is not responsible for confirmation of receipt of application or for an incomplete application. If you wish to follow up you may do so by contacting Ch’nook directly.


Required application documentation: 

1. A completed application form

Please fill out the MNBC Business Management Program application form and submit it with the following documents below.

2. Essay (no more than 500 words)

Your essay needs to reflect the following topics if possible:

  • Introduction
  • Business experience
  • Career plans
  • Achievements
  • Community involvement
  • Why you want to be in the program

3. CV/Resume

4. Two Signed Reference Letters

This has to come from someone NOT related to you, who can speak to your professional or educational background, your character or commitment to your community. For example, your reference letter could be provided by a volunteer organization, a teacher/professor, an Indigenous organization, a sports representative, a camp leader, a work supervisor, a church group, an Elder, etc.

5. Proof of Métis Ancestry

To be eligible for the Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) Business Management Program, you must be a MNBC citizen OR have an Active Application Status with the MNBC registry.

  • If you are a MNBC Citizen, please provide a electronically scanned copy of your MNBC citizen card
  • If you are providing proof of "Active Application Status" with the MNBC registry, please CLEARLY state this in your MNBC Business Management Program application. UBC Sauder will verify Active Application Statuses with MNBC. 

For information on what Active Application Status means, please visit the MNBC webpage for more details:


Send all required documents to:



Prior to sending the above documents to, please ensure you have filled out a STEPS application through the Métis Nation British Columbia website. For the MNBC STEPS application, please visit:

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