Conflict Resolution for Leaders

In Conflict Resolution for Leaders, you will learn key strategies for dealing with workplace conflict including applied skills to effectively participate in collaborative, interest-based, conflict engagement and resolution. Assess your personal style and approach to conflict and practice new skills for managing conflict on both individual and team levels.

Program Content:

  • Sources and types of conflict, insights from brain science and psychology that help resolve conflict
  • Alternative ways of responding to conflict: how do you tend to respond, how do others respond differently, benefits of alternative approaches
  • Managing conflict resolution: defining positions and interests, framing and defining conflicts, developing an effective roadmap for resolution, facilitating the conflict management process
  • Communication skills in conflict resolution: obstacles to communication, shifting from confrontational to collaborative language, listening, empathy and understanding, asking the right questions
  • Making conflict outcomes positive: the power of motivations, avoiding/deescalating emotional responses, managing difficult conversations 

The program focuses on the individual dynamics of conflict resolution, including conflicts between managers and workers as well as between co-workers. It does not cover legal or contractual conflicts or broader societal conflicts like Indigenous land claims.