UBC Sauder Alumni

Call for Nominations

UBC Sauder School of Business Teaching Excellence Awards 

The Awards and Performance Advisory Committee (APAC) is soliciting nominations for four awards to recognize excellence in teaching.

  1. The UBC Sauder Alumni Talking Stick Award for significant pedagogical innovation
  2. The UBC Killam Teaching Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching
  3. The CPA Teaching Award for excellence in graduate teaching
  4. The Arne Olsen Teaching Prize for part-time instructors

All full-time tenure track and non-tenure track faculty are eligible for the first three awards. Part-time faculty members may also be considered for these three awards if  they have taught for a significant period of time and have provided a long-term history of teaching excellence. The Arne Olsen Teaching Prize is designated exclusively to part-time teaching (adjunct or sessional) faculty.

Nominations may be made by UBC Sauder faculty members and alumni. Note that current members of APAC (listed below) are not eligible to make nominations or to be nominated. Winners of the UBC Killam and CPA Master Teacher Awards within the past 10 years are not eligible for those awards. Preference is given to those who have not received the award previously. Previous winners of the Talking Stick Award are eligible based on a new innovation if they have not won the award within the past three years. Previous nominees for any award are encouraged to reapply.

The nomination should list the names of three nominators and their affiliation to UBC Sauder, and provide a clear statement of the basis for the nomination. It should provide a brief but clear statement of the significance of the candidate's teaching and should not exceed two (single-spaced) pages in length. Nominators should not solicit outside letters, letters from students or supply any other documentation. Needed documentation will be obtained by staff supporting APAC.


Nominations for all awards must be submitted electronically to Florence Yen in the Dean’s Office  ( no later than 4:00 p.m. February 28, 2023 (Tuesday).


Talking Stick Awards: 

This award is made to a faculty member who has successfully performed outstanding pedagogical, course, or program innovation or development. Typically the award is based on a single innovation, although multiple innovations might also be recognized. The criteria used by the Committee in judging submissions include: 

1) Successful innovation (the essential and most important criterion) 

2) Significance to students 

3) Impact on program 

4) Acceptance elsewhere (where appropriate) 

5) Other indicators of success 

6) State of completion 

An innovation might comprise a new or restructured program area, a new pedagogical approach or tool, an innovative and successful textbook, a new pedagogical activity, etc. This award consists of a cash prize of $5,000 and a First Nations talking stick. 

Master Teacher Awards:

UBC Killam Teaching Award: The Killam Award is for a long-term record of excellence in undergraduate teaching.

The CPA Teaching Award: The CPA Award is for a long-term record of excellence in graduate teaching.

Arne Olsen Teaching Prize: The Arne Olsen Teaching Prize recognizes teaching excellence in our Sessional and Adjunct faculty for teaching at either the undergraduate or graduate level. 

These three teaching prizes are not awarded for excellent performance in a single year or term1. There is no specific time horizon required, but realistically, it is unlikely that a record shorter than 3 or 4 full years (or the equivalent) at UBC would be sufficient. Each award consists of a cash prize of $5,000, plus an inscription on a plaque.

A variety of considerations are relevant to these three teaching prizes. Most commonly, an extensive record of excellent classroom performance may be recognized. However, it is important to emphasize that these awards are NOT just for strong teaching evaluations. Other important potential considerations include development of materials – cases, textbooks, or other materials, development and coordination of courses or program areas, and student supervision. In addition, some instructors might not appear outstanding based on immediate feedback from students or colleagues but might provide a life-long inspiration to students, and have a significant effect on their character and thinking. While evidence of such effects is not easy to observe, such considerations are highly relevant and have sometimes played an important role.

Although these awards are teaching awards, it is expected that successful candidates will also maintain appropriate performance in other major areas of activity – research and service. (Note that sessional and adjunct instructors are not expected to make research contributions.)

1 Excellence for in-class performance for a specific semester or year is the criterion for awards made by undergraduate and graduate student associations and the Committee wishes to avoid duplication of awards.

Award winners for the past ten years include:

  • Jenny Dickson (Killam)
  • Chris Ryan (CPA) 
  • Michael Daniels (Talking Stick) 
  • Tamar Milne (Talking Stick) 
  • Chunhua Wu (Killam)
  • Wayne Rawcliffe (CPA) 
  • Jan Bena (Talking Stick) 
  • Greg Werker (Killam)
  • Philippe Arrata (CPA) 
  • Elizabeth Bowker (Talking Stick) 
  • Ellen McIntosh (Killam)
  • Not Awarded (CPA)
  • Harish Krishnan (Talking Stick) 
  • Sinclair, Scott (Killam) 
  • Not Awarded (CGA) 
  • Not Awarded (Talking Stick) 
  • Tamar Milne (Killam) 
  • Paul Cubbon (CGA) 
  • Not Awarded (Talking Stick)
  • Joey Hoegg (Killam) 
  • Marty Puterman (CGA) 
  • Paul Cubbon (Talking Stick) 
    • Mary Chong (Killam)
    • Joey Hoegg (CPA) 
    • Tim Huh (Talking Stick) 
    • Carson Woo (Killam)
    • Steven Shechter (CPA)
    • Tamar Milne (Talking Stick) 
    • Paul Cubbon (Killam) 
    • Perry Atwal (CGA) 
    • Adam Saunders (Talking Stick) 
    • Huh, Tim (Killam) 
    • Harish Krishnan (CGA) 
    • Jeff Kroeker (Talking Stick) 
    • Marc-David Seidel (Killam) 
    • Tim Silk (CGA) 
    • Murray Carlson (Talking Stick) 
    • Andrew Burton-Jones (Killam) 
    • Ron Cenfetelli (CGA) 
    • Thomas Hellmann (Talking Stick)