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Have you ever had the dispiriting experience of trying to find a pair of reading glasses on a carousel at your local super-pharmacy? Searching through finger-smudged lenses and flimsy frames you finally find a pair you can live with and … it’s not the right strength! 

Robin Peterson feels your pain and has a solution. A UBC Sauder BCom grad – where she learned the value of life-long learning – Robin is the brains behind chic online reading glasses (or “readers”) company, Seymour + Smith.

For an affordable $65 USD, you can choose one of four West Coast-inspired styles. Better yet – order several, as many of her customers do. The common practice of purchasing multiple pairs of readers was one of the market behaviors that indicated to Robin that they were a potentially profitable product. As was the fact that the 40+ demographic now finding themselves in need of readers aren’t happy to settle for the “granny” styles typically offered. 

A veteran sales and marketing professional in the fashion accessories industry Robin had a deep understanding of how to successfully market and sell. As well, as a life-long learner she had paid close attention to the designers, manufacturers, and artisans she worked with. As a result, she also knew what was required to ensure a high-quality, affordable, and sophisticated product.

Returning to her native British Columbia after many years in Los Angeles and a stretch in Vancouver’s Tesla dealership, Robin was ready to start her own business. Her professional experience, intuition, and research led her to the idea and Seymour + Smith was born.

Robin runs the company herself, sourcing the readers overseas but selling them largely to US-based customers, strategically targeting social media influencers to spread the word (including style icon Maye Musk – yes, Elon’s mum!). She is currently working on various ideas to expand her line (like the feasibility of gender-specific models) and is very keen to grow her Canadian market.

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