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Schleppy to preppy

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A nattily-dressed young man looks out confidently from his website. The young man is Konrad Kobielewski (or Konrad Philip, as he is known professionally), one of North America’s youngest accredited etiquette experts.

Konrad isn’t sure how he grew up to be such a polite young man, though he does think it probably had something to do with being an only child and grandchild who spent a lot of time with adults for whom minding P’s and Q’s was important.

By the time he got to UBC Sauder, where he studied for a Bachelor of Commerce degree, he had already developed a reputation as Mr. Manners, which he put to good use in his weekly “How to Be” columns for The Ubyssey student newspaper.

While building his banking career (he is currently an investment advisor with Toronto Dominion), Konrad continues refining his etiquette practice. He trained at the Protocol School of Washington, wrote a men’s style guide, Schleppy to Preppy, and regularly facilitates social and workplace etiquette workshops. He finds that his services are particularly in demand by organizations – such as UBC Sauder – who want to help young people navigate the often-confusing world of appropriate workplace etiquette.

Konrad’s expertise has become increasingly recognized and his advice is often featured in the Vancouver media. Like any self-respecting millennial, Konrad is always looking to diversify his gig portfolio but draws the line at dating etiquette advice, although he is often asked for it. That, he jokes, is a minefield he is not prepared to enter, even with a stylish flak jacket.

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