Rigour. Respect. Responsibility.

As we close one academic year and begin another, the UBC Sauder community finds itself facing a challenge: How do we build a more just, sustainable and prosperous world? 

As this Annual Report showcases, UBC Sauder is addressing this challenge by instilling in our students a deep sense of rigour, respect, and responsibility. These qualities play out in how we provide students with real-world experiences to set them up for career success, and in how we create an environment that enables students to become the thoughtful, values-driven leaders that our society needs—and deserves.

Robert Helsley
Dean, UBC Sauder School of Business
Grosvenor Professor of Cities,
Business Economics and Public Policy

Report Highlights

Advancing business

Shaping the way business is done.

Building careers

Hands-on experience enhances students’ academic skills to set them up for success.

Delivering expertise

Deepening professional knowledge and providing thought leadership.

Enhancing experience

Creating an environment that enables students to develop into thoughtful, values-driven leaders.

Amplifying our effect

Creating a hub for global learning, partnership and engagement.

Growing together

Strengthening ties and increasing engagement with the community.

Transforming perspectives

Meeting the changing needs of students, business and community through focused programming.

Nurturing innovation

Opening minds to entrepreneurial thinking.

Transforming change

Our leadership team and Faculty Advisory Board members.

What more might yet be possible if we choose to focus our efforts now on how business excellence can best serve the public interest?

Dean Robert Helsley