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Minor in commerce

The Comm Minor program will expose you to various business disciplines: accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behaviour and business strategy. Upon successful completion of the program, the notation "Minor in Commerce" will be placed on your transcript.

For further information regarding eligibility, course requirements, and application procedures, contact your home faculty and consult the UBC Calendar.

What is the Flex delivery modality?

The Flex Comm Minor project (seven Comm Minor courses) is part of the larger UBC Flexible Learning Initiative, launched by the UBC President's Office. Under the oversight of Senior Associate Dean Academic Programs, UBC Sauder Learning Services are leading the academic (in collaboration with the instructors and the UBC Sauder UGO), technology and media development for the Flex Comm Minor project. These seven courses are entitled "Flexible Learning" courses, which emphasize Flexibility in Time and Space.

This project aims to expand access to the Minor in Commerce courses to a greater audience by reducing scheduling conflicts with non-Sauder students, develop course objectives and curriculum for multiple audiences across multiple programs, and pilot varying modes of Flex sections to determine the optimal student experience, cost-effective delivery, and subject-matter function.

Here are the Flex Comm Minor courses:

  • Comm 329: Principles of Organizational Behavior
  • Comm 398: Introduction to Business Processes and Operations
  • Comm 457: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
  • Comm 473: Business Finance
  • Comm 458: Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting
  • Comm 465: Marketing Management 
  • Comm 493: Strategic Management in Business

The Flex courses will provide you with flexibility that allows more choice in your learning opportunities including when, where, and how you want to learn. Flex courses offer a reduced physical attendance requirement:  Flex courses have many less face-to-face classes. Instead, you can study the subject according to your own schedule and pace from the self-study materials which are available online. Due to the assigned pre-readings and online tasks, most face-to-face class time is spent exploring in-depth questions, facilitating discussions, and offering you opportunities to be engaged in interactive one-on-one or group activities. Ultimately, the class time in the Flexible Learning environment will be focused on effective and productive learning experiences intended to foster motivation, attention, and engagement.

Benefits of taking Flex Comm Minor courses

With Flexible Learning, most of your studying happens outside the classroom. That allows for more time in class to help you put ideas into action and develop the critical thinking and analysis skills today’s employers demand. This delivery method gives you far more flexibility for combining the Minor in Commerce with your other studies.

Our Flexible Learning approach involves a student-centred, active, individualized, experiential learning approach. Therefore, this format is ideal for students who are self-motivated and able to self-regulate their own learning process throughout the course.

We, Learning Services, are providing services for enhanced teaching and learning through the new facet of Flexible Learning.

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