UBC Master of Management students are ready to join your team!

Looking for high-achieving entry-level talent with a multidisciplinary approach to business? Ranked 1st in North America and 1st in Canada for top Master of Management programs, the UBC MM equips undergraduate students from a range of faculties with Master-level business training. Our MM program has two cohorts – available to work in January and June 2019. Our January cohort of Master of Management graduates are available for interviews now. These are subject area specialists, with excellent communication and critical thinking skills, thanks to their consulting experience. Our MMs are workforce-ready and dedicated to help you solve your business challenges outside the confines of traditional business frameworks.

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Meet four candidates from the January cohort of the UBC MM program:

Meet Tom Satterthwaite

Tom Satterthwaite

Mountains brought Tom to BC. Mathematics kept him here. He’s part of UBC Sauder’s ready-to-hire MM graduating cohort.

Undergrad: Bachelor of Science, Mathematics and Computer Science

Fun Fact: Tom is excited about the revolution occurring in the Machine Learning and AI space.

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When Tom first came to BC, he was only planning on staying for a short working vacation in Whistler. But he’s flexible. And so were his plans. Tom fell in love with the West Coast and moved to Vancouver to study mathematics, computer science and business at UBC.

Now, the experienced team leader – he was a Director at Vancouver Startup Week and Special Events Coordinator at the B+MM Student Association – is interested in pursuing a career in Artificial Intelligence.


Meet Rita Steele

Rita Steele

Impacting the outdoors from the inside. Here’s why you’ll want Rita on your team this January.

Undergrad: Bachelor of Science, Global Resource Systems, Ethics and Sustainability in Global Supply Chains

Fun Fact: Rita spent seven days on a solo backpacking trip in Alaska.

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Rita’s number one goal? To live with a net-positive impact on the world. Her number one career goal? To combine her business acumen with her passion for sustainability to tackle climate change.

While pursuing a MM at UBC, Rita specialized in linking ideas across multiple fields. Now, the practiced systems thinker plans on using her strong communications skills to get into sustainability consulting for clients across a range of industries.


Meet Karl Abuan

Karl Abuan

The world is Karl’s laboratory. The experienced researcher is one of UBC’s workforce-ready MM graduates.

Undergrad: Bachelor of Science, Microbiology and Immunology.

Fun Fact: Karl co-authored a paper published in Water Research Journal.

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Karl thinks outside the lab. An experienced researcher with strong analytical and project management skills, he’s using the business foundation he’s gained in our MM program to inspire innovation in giving back to the broader community.

Karl is looking to pursue a career in tech, supply chain or project management, bringing data-driving solutions to complex problems and improving operational efficiency along the way.


Meet Ti Wu

Wu Ti

“Technology can help us understand humanity”, says Ti Wu, one of UBC Sauder’s graduating MM class.

Undergrad: Bachelor of Arts, Cognitive Systems Major, German Minor

Fun Fact: Ti’s fascinated by the social impact and sector-disrupting potential of technology.

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From research to residence, Ti has proven leadership skills. She’s been a Project Leader in a research lab and a Residence Advisor in student housing.

Ti is a high-achiever with strong communications skills; she’s supported three different organizations in their social media marketing initiatives. Working in technology, she says, has given her a different perspective on humanity. While her experience in the MM program has given her new perspectives on business.

Ti’s ultimate aim: to work in product management in the tech sphere.