BMMP Success Stories

Ben Chen, BCom 2014


What I gained from being in the BMMP: BMMP completely changed my mindset on job-hunting, resume-building, and interview preparation. The mentors gave me an in-depth analysis and perception of what it’s like to work in Brand Management and consistently pushed me to grow past my own barriers to pursue a job in a field that is extremely competitive.

Employment: Marketing Intern at L'Oreal, currently Senior Market Analyst at Nielsen


Jeremy Hole, BCom 2014


What I gained from being in the BMMP: BMMP made me realize the potential buried within my past experiences and inspired me to make the most out of my future ones. Through the program I learned how to express myself professionally, becoming more articulate, polished and confident in the way I talk. I can’t even imagine where my career would be without the mentor’s assistance and network.

Employment: Brand Intern at Colgate-Palmolive, currently Partnership Product Manager at Learnkit


Kelsey Ingham, BCom 2014


What I gained from being in the BMMP: BMMP helped me determine what my dream career looked like and provided me with the skills to start building it. Most notably, I was able to sharpen my resume and interview skills to match the high quality demanded in the CPG industry. The program is the reason that I will be starting a career that I am passionate about right after graduation.

Employment: Brand Intern at Kraft Foods, currently Senior Associate Brand Manager at Kraft Heinz

Stephanie Hunt, MBA 2014


What I gained from being in the BMMP: For me, BMMP was a sneak peek into the real world of professional marketing. I learned about career options, career paths, and industry lingo. I also received in-depth resume advice and interview coaching. Together, this gave me the confidence and skills needed to stand out from the crowd and successfully leverage my unique work experience to get a job I love.

Employment: Marketing Intern at BCAA, currently Senior Associate Retention Marketing at BCAA

Todd J. Al, BCom 2014


What I gained from being in the BMMP: The program gave me clear insight into the real-world processes used by top level marketers and was the key determinant in helping me start a career path that I’ve fallen in love with. There’s no doubt that the resume advice I received from the mentor team were key to getting noticed in a very competitive industry, and my interview skills were pushed to a new level that I’ll bring forward with me no matter where I go.

Employment: Brand Intern at Colgate-Palmolive, currently Trade Marketing Specialist at Vega


Clementina Tai, BCom 2013


What I gained from being in the BMMP: I gained the motivation to re-evaluate my future and the direction I wanted to take my career, as well as a completely revamped resume and interview prep skills. My time in the program was invaluable, and gave me the tools necessary to land a job in the advertising industry.

Employment: Account Services Intern at DDB Canada, currently Account Manager at Eight Partnership