Requirements and Eligibility

Who should apply

B+MM Dual Degree students are able to demonstrate their passion for their chosen undergraduate subject, and the potential to make a big impact in their career. The program attracts top students from across UBC, who are ambitious, have fresh perspectives, and are able to bring unique insights to class. Students who meet the entry requirements of their undergraduate program and display an outstanding combination of talent and academic achievement are encouraged to apply.


Eligible applicants will fall in one of the below categories, for September 2017 entry:

First-Year Entry Third-Year Entry
Canadian and international high school and International Baccalaureate diploma students applying for, and who meet the entry requirements of, a UBC undergraduate degree listed in the table below. Current second year UBC students with a sessional average of minimum 76% enrolled in eligible programs listed in the table below


Transfer students from other colleges or universities who are transferring to UBC into Third Year status.

Eligible Faculties & Schools

Academic and other requirements for undergraduate programs vary considerably based on the subject you choose. The below faculties and schools have degrees that qualify for entry into the B+MM Dual Degree is as follows:

  • Faculty of Arts (BA, BFA, BMS)
  • Faculty of Forestry (BSc in Wood Products Processing Program only)
  • Faculty of Land and Food Systems (BSc in Food, Nutrition and Health, BSc in Global Resource Systems, BSc in Applied Biology)
  • Faculty of Science (BSc)
  • School of Kinesiology (BKin)
  • School of Music (BMus)

 What if I have credits in Commerce courses?

Students are only eligible for the B+MM Dual Degree if they have less than 18 credits in Commerce courses from UBC. Students enrolled in the B+MM program must complete all required courses in order to be eligible to enter the MM portion of the degree and to graduate from the program.
There may be overlap in the B+MM course content for any students who have already taken UBC Commerce Courses. We are excited to see you excel in these courses and apply what you’ve learned from a fresh perspective in collaboration with your B+MM cohort.

 What if I have a minor in Commerce?

If you have the equivalent of a Minor in Commerce from UBC or more (18+ course credits), you are not eligible for the B+MM program.

 What if I'm a transfer student from another college or university?

Transfer students from other colleges or universities are eligible to apply if they transfer to UBC in their second year of studies or earlier; please contact us for more information.