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Strategy and Business Management


Organizations must possess key competencies for successful business operations. An enhanced understanding of the factors which affect critical thinking and frameworks for problem-solving is directly applicable to the lender’s abilities to conduct thorough assessments of borrower needs. The capability to communicate well, in turn, allows for a clear and shared understanding of the needs of all parties to the mortgage transaction. This is important to the building of trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with clients.

The review of leadership styles, change management and conflict resolution should provide lenders with opportunity for self-reflection and professional development, which in turn may be manifested in dealings with brokers, regulators and other industry stakeholders.

Course Outline

Section 1: Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Business Plans
  • Key aspects of critical thinking
  • Problem solving: understanding problems, generating ideals, planning for action
  • Application of critical thinking in a problem solving framework
Section 2: Technology and Mortgage Brokerage
  • The communication process
  • Developing a communications message
  • Communication noise and filtering
  • Communication source, medium, and message
  • Non-verbal communications
  • Developing an integrated marketing program
  • Decisions and strategies for price, product, promotion, and place (Four Ps)
  • E-mail etiquette
  • Canada’s Anti-Spam Law
  • Advertising
Section 3: Marketing and Communications
  • The nature of leadership
  • Leadership and management
  • Sources of a leader’s power and influence
  • Leadership traits
  • Advances in understanding leadership traits
  • Leadership behaviour
  • Contingency theories of leadership
  • Coaching
  • Participative leadership
  • Change management
  • Conflict resolution