Reserve Fund Planning Program

The Reserve Fund Planning Program (RFPP) is a national program designed to provide real estate practitioners with the necessary expertise required to complete a diversity of reserve fund studies and depreciation reports. The program covers a variety of property types from different Canadian provinces, offering both depth and breadth in understanding how reserve fund studies are prepared for condominium/stratas and other properties.

The Reserve Fund Planning program consists of two non-credit, open-enrollment, self-paced courses. Each course must be completed within 12 months of registration. All courses are delivered by distance education, with a printed workbook and a Course Resources webpage. CPD 891 will conclude with a final written examination, while CPD 899 finishes with a guided case study project.

CPD 891: Fundamentals of Reserve Fund PlanningCourses

Workload and Requirements

Students should expect to commit at least 10 hours per lesson.

Technical requirements include:

  • Access to a computer
  • Access to the internet, including a current web browser (Mozilla Firefox is recommended)
  • Microsoft Excel or equivalent spreadsheet software

Tutorial Assistance

Assistance with the course material is available from our course tutors, through email or telephone. In addition, there are many other helpful resources available to students through the Real Estate Division' website.