Course Outline

BUSI 441 - Residential Property Management

LESSON 1 – Real Estate Property Management, Law, and Ethics
LESSON 2 – Financial Statements and Budgeting
LESSON 3 – Accounting for Strata Corporations
LESSON 4 – Feasibility Studies and Leasing Residential Properties
LESSON 5 – Controls, Maintenance and Repairs, and Purchasing
LESSON 6 – Energy Efficiency and Green Real Estate
LESSON 7 – Personnel Management
LESSON 8 – Insurance and Risk Management
LESSON 9 – Security, Safety, Environmental Protection, and Hazardous Materials
LESSON 10 – Condominiums/Strata Corporations and Management Services
LESSON 11 – Managing Social Housing Properties

Course Structure

Weekly multiple choice assignments: 10% of final grade.

Project 1, 15% of final grade. 
This project requires students to select a subject building and prepare a simple reserve fund study. The study will entail inspecting the building, identifying the type and size of major components, determining their life cycle and replacement costs, and preparing a budget to fund their ongoing replacement.

Project 2, 25% of final grade.
This project requires students to review a case study scenario regarding a residential rental apartment building and to develop a comprehensive case for upgrading. The business case will consider repairs, equipment replacement, capital investments, marketing, and other factors that might improve the marketability and revenue potential of the building. The final report will need to offer recommendations for purchasing the property with a long-term strategic plan, backed up by a cost-benefit analysis.

Final exam, 50% of final grade.
Short-answer written questions, multiple choice questions.

Additional Resources

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