Course Outline

BUSI 400 - Residential Property Analysis

LESSON 1: Plans, Codes, and Neighbourhood Analysis
LESSON 2: Site and House Design
LESSON 3: Structure
LESSON 4: Building Envelope System
LESSON 5: Service Systems
LESSON 6: Finishes and Fitments
LESSON 7: Residential Construction Review
LESSON 8: Exterior and Basement Analysis LESSON 9: Upper Level and Attic Analysis
LESSON 10: Residential Inspection Overview

Course Structure

Weekly multiple choice assignments: 10% of final grade.

Project 1: Residential construction exercise: 15% of final grade.

This project requires the student to review a video and answer a series of questions, while applying course concepts and interpreting basic construction principles.

Project 2: An inspection of a residential property: 25% of final grade.

This project requires the student to carry out an inspection of a residential property and submit a detailed report. Students are expected to contact industry participants and visit the subject property to acquire the necessary data to complete their analysis.

Final exam: Multiple choice and short-answer written questions: 50% of final grade.

Additional Resources