UBC/AIC Post-Graduate Certificate in Real Property Valuation (PGCV) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q: Why has this program been proposed and developed?

A: The AIC/UBC appraisal education program is without question the most comprehensive program of its kind in Canada, and the valuation education provided is second-to-none. AIC has expressed a need to streamline the education requirements for graduates of business degree programs for recruiting purposes. These graduates are seen to be prime candidates for accreditation as they have already met the majority of the required foundational education requirements found in the established AACI program. AIC is attempting to meet the call from employers across Canada who desperately need new accredited valuation professionals. The PGCV program is intended as a recruitment tool to attract these high quality candidates to the profession and to get them working in valuation sooner.

Q: Why six courses?

A: There are four “core” valuation courses which emphasize skills and knowledge essential for anyone joining the appraisal profession. The two elective courses broaden the valuation-specific knowledge gained in the four core courses, and allow students some choice and flexibility. Candidates with applicable post-secondary credit may apply for course exemptions. When requests for exemptions are considered, we require at minimum 50% of courses must be completed at UBC.

Q: Why were the specific electives chosen?

A: The PGCV program has two intentions: 1) to develop the core competencies required for a valuation career; and 2) to expand awareness of career opportunities beyond traditional valuation. The following illustrates possible outcomes of these elective courses:

  • those interested in consulting or market analysis might take BUSI 300 and 460;
  • those interested in property tax assessment might take BUSI 344 and 443;
  • those interested in ICI fee appraisal might take BUSI 401 and 460; or
  • any combination of the above.

Q: Why is the Guided Case Study (BUSI 497/499) not included in the PGCV Program?

A: The Guided Case Study (BUSI 497 or 499) is considered to be an AIC membership requirement, beyond the basic foundational education, and thus it has been excluded from this program. If BUSI 497/499 is excluded, the PGCV program can be completed in as quickly as two or three terms, and this accelerated completion will provide candidates with a highly motivating and satisfying interim step towards accreditation.

Q: Why target business graduates?

A: This group has been targeted by the AIC as representing “ideal” AACI candidates for the future. These individuals not only hold a university degree (which is a requirement of the AACI designation), but more importantly the degree held covers course topics that are relevant to the AACI education program, such as accounting, economics, and other general business topics. These graduates typically have many attractive career avenues available to them and AIC expressed a need to actively recruit these people into the valuation profession.

Q: Why not target a more diverse range of university graduates?

A: This program will require an undergraduate business degree from a Canadian university as its normal entry requirement. Entry on the basis of other degrees and/or non-Canadian degrees will be evaluated case-by-case. Related degrees would have to show a rigorous business focus to be accepted (e.g., accounting, finance, economics, statistics, law, etc.; see the PGCV Admissions Guidelines for more detail). UBC/AIC has spent considerable funds developing a comprehensive appraisal education program, and this program is an excellent introduction to business and real property valuation for non-business degree graduates. The PGCV program is intended to streamline the requirements for students who have already covered much of the foundational knowledge required, and need only complete the core valuation topics to develop appraisal competency. For everyone else, the more comprehensive AIC education program remains ideal, as it promotes developing the supporting knowledge foundation necessary to becoming a real property valuation professional.

Q: How will this affect students who have already partially completed the UBC/AIC education program?

A: Students that have partially completed the UBC/AIC education program en route to the AACI designation may be positively affected by this proposal. Some of those who have partially completed the program may now be eligible to take fewer courses to obtain accreditation. Students who find themselves in this position should contact the UBC Real Estate Division office as soon as possible, in order to seek admissions to the PGCV program.

For continuing students who wish to switch from the Diploma or AIC program to the PGCV, if you have previously submitted your official university transcripts, you need only submit a Transcript Review Form and indicate on the form that you want your transcript to be reviewed for the PGCV. We will evaluate your university transcript at no charge (the $50 transcript review fee is waived for continuing students, as you have paid this already in your first review).

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